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CHROMA MOVEMENT was created by TATIANA HASSAN a visual artist, dancer, choreographer and teacher. After years of exploration with movement and a passion for visual arts and projections she developed her own approach to movement inspired in a blend of modern dance, yoga, movement modes, social dancing, contact dancing and her own creative approach to organic movement, flow, body health and connection to others. 


To promote connection to self and connection to others by utilizing different flows of movement, body techniques and a thorough understanding of fundamentals of movement and relationships between space, time,  body geometry, energy flow, intention, expression, expansion.


To create a conscious community through movement.


  • To create a safe space for collective exploration with a true sense of awareness about others and how together we can co-create using our physical body and our imagination in a fun way in order.

  • To provide different types of flows that address the complexity of the human "bodies" and the movement of subtle energy as well as physical energy. 

  • To to give the possibility of unlocking blocked energy and bring about hidden subconscious issues to open a pathway for healing trauma.

  • To offer an extra layer of dimension by using visual art in the form of projections so that the participants become part of the artwork and connect to images.

  • To create a variety of soundscapes so that the music or other sound forms, for instance, using the voice, help the participants connect sound to their imagination and creative potential.

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